Conference Structure

The theme of the 2017 Sports Fan Summit is 'Event-focused Fan Engagement'.  

Over the duration of the 2017 Sports Fan Summit, there will be at least 18 speaking sessions. Reflecting the conference’s emphasis on learning and usefulness, the format of the majority of those 18 sessions will be formal 45-minute in-depth presentations; typically in case-study form.

The focus of the 2017 conference is deliberately broad; covering a number of different areas of responsibility.  There will be presentations discussing the conference theme from the following perspective of each of nine different disciplines (Data & Analytics, Ticketing/Membership & Rewards, Branding & Marketing, Venues, Sponsorship/Partnerships & Commercial, Events, Community, Fan Development & Fan Engagement, Digital and Social Media).

The 2017 programme simultaneously caters to both those with broad responsibilities across a number of the above disciplines and those with specialist responsibilities for only one or two of the disciplines. Those delegates with broad responsibilities are presented with a well balanced programme with clear and discrete choices in terms of breakout sessions. Those with a narrower focus have an opportunity to attend a number of sessions relating to their specialist area. 

Briefings to the international Keynotes will focus on two complementary foci:

  • detailing examples of international Best Practice
  • Ensuring that presentation content is relevant to Australian delegates and can be used to address actual business challenges faced by Australan teams, leagues and businesses.