Part of the Melbourne Sports & Entertainment Precinct and located within Yarra Park, the Melbourne Cricket Ground is the 12th largest stadium in the world and the largest in the Sothern Hemisphere and the world’s largest cricket ground (by capacity).

Ask any Australian and they’ll be aware of the Melbourne Cricket Ground’s status as the home of sport. It has been the home of Australian football since 1859, and was the birthplace of Test cricket in 1877 and one-day international cricket in 1971. It was the main stadium for the 1956 Olympic Games and 2006 Commonwealth Games, attracts up to 100,000 fans to the annual AFL Grand Final and comes to life each Christmas at the Boxing Day Test.

Often described as the beating heart of Melbourne city, The MCG is more than just a sports venue. It’s a place where memories are m ade and childhood dreams come alive. There are fleeting moments at the ‘G that stay with you forever. 

The MCG is a shrine...
It is to this city what the Opera House is to Sydney, the Eiffel Tower to Paris and the Statue of Liberty is to New York;.
... it symbolises Melbourne to the world. It inspires reverence."


WiFi and connectivity

The MCG is transforming into one of Australia’s most technically advanced and connected stadiums for fans. Available from December 2015, a  super-fast, secure, high-density WiFi network is to be installed at the MCG the stadium, Providing fast and free internet access on any device, the  network will allow fans to access real-time and interactive content and the ability to engage with other fans at the game. In addition, the Melbourne Cricket Club is working with telecommunication providers to improve 3G and 4G connectivity within the stadium.

Home club theming

As the ‘G is the home ground to up to 10 different sporting teams in any 12 months, one of the central pillars of the MCG’s technology improvements is the ability to theme the stadium in the colours of the home team. LED lights now encase the entire stadium and illuminate the entrances, enabling the exterior of the stadium to be lit up in club colours. As fans embark on their trip to the MCG, they can see the stadium lit up like a beacon wherever they are travelling from. Digital signage along the concourse compliments the stadium lighting and provides information to fans about the day’s event and how to easily get around the stadium. Once inside, LED signage around the fences help create a real home game atmosphere as clubs have license to turn the stadium into their own fortress.

Cafe and pub culture comes to life at the 'G'

In keeping with Melbourne’s world-famous cafe and pub culture, the MCG’s own range of bars, cafes and food outlets have recently undergone a transformation. Venues such as the Paddock Cafe and Terrace Cafe are the equal of many of Melbourne’s hidden cafe secrets and are the perfect complement to the range of beer gardens, rooftop terraces and sports bars scattered throughout the stadium.

MCG Tour And National Sports Museum

Many visitors to Melbourne regard the  MCG Tour as an absolute must. The guided tour is the only opportunity to get an exclusive, behind the scenes peek of one of the world’s most iconic sports stadiums but is also a chance to hear about the history and secrets of the ‘G. Complementing the guided tours is the national sports Museum. The Museum is unique amongst sports and stadium museums around the world. It brings together the history of the Melbourne Cricket Club and the MCG itself as well as more than 3500 objects across countless sports. And with an interactive sports gallery called Game On for visitors to experience the thrill of participation, there is truly something for everyone.