2017 Sports Fan Summit launched

The 2017 Sports Fan Summit will be held in Melbourne on 10-12 July 2017.
As in previous years, all sessions focus on fan development, fan engagement and fan experience; considering those topics from a number of different ‘lens’. There will be presentations from the perspective of a number of different disciplines (Leadership/Organisation Focus, Data & Analytics, Branding & Marketing, Fan Development, Fan Engagement, Ticketing & CRM, Membership & Rewards, Venues, Sponsorship & Partnerships, Events & Fan Experience, Sponsorship, Digital & Technology, Merchandise and Licensing).

The 2017 theme is 'Event-Focused Fan Engagement'. All presentations, irrespective of topic, will also consider and discuss the theme, to a greater or lesser extent.


Once again, one of the 2017 Sports Fan Summit’s main points of difference is our extensive use of international sport marketing and digital experts.