A Royals Rescue - A news story about Anthony Mozzicato

 Miami Dolphins’ Director of Guest Experience Anthony Mozzicato has seen it all when it comes to managing the ins and outs of the match day experience. He can even include ‘Puppy Rescuer’ to his resume.

When working for the Kansas City Royals in mid-2016, a story emerged when a helpless pup was discovered in the stadium carpark on a hot day. According to, the poor puppy was spotted in the car by a fan as he was leaving the game during the eighth inning. The car window was cracked, but the temperature inside the car was easily over 50 degrees Celsius with the outside temperature approximately 32 degrees Celsius.

The fan notified staff at the game, and a Royals employee was able to reach in the car and get the dog out. They took the dog into an air conditioned room in the stadium

‘With this being extra innings, easily could have been five hours,’ Mozzicato said to media at the time as the Royal’s Director of Guest Experience, ‘So the guest that spotted this dog out should be really proud for letting us know.’

 Shortly after the theatrics of saving the precious pooch, Mozzicato put his MLB days behind him (with the experience of winning the World Series in 2015 under his belt no less) and has taken the post at Miami, and as a Florida native and lifelong Dolphins fan, he feels at home.


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