Mozzicato’s Guest Experience Fundamentals - A news story about Anthony Mozzicato

Anthony Mozzicato has worked across a variety of sporting codes and stadiums in the US:

‘I started off in College Athletics then I went to Kansas City to open the new Major League Soccer Stadium, Sporting Park, after two years doing some good things there with great staff, I got kidnapped by the Kansas City Royals and I was there for almost four years and now I’m here in Miami with the Dolphins’

What translates across Anthony’s experience in these different sporting arenas is the fundamentals of delivering an exceptional fan service program.

‘A lot of what we’re doing are the same things that I would be doing in baseball or an arena or soccer stadium. The idea is that you still want to apply the same fundamentals which is developing a really good customer service program for training and for staff.’

The key to any good guest experience is your staff:

Mozzicato says that hiring and recruiting really awesome, friendly staff and training them really well is important but also staff recognition and rewards play a big role in motivating your team. Service roles are demanding and as an organisation you should demand the best from your customer service and front of house staff however ‘staff recognition is a really big deal and coming up with ways to thank your staff is key to continuing to achieve great results.’

Something the Mozzicato utilises to measure his team’s performance is secret shopping to ensure standards are being met but also a mechanism to recognise those who perform well.

Stop. Collaborate and Listen:

Cross-departmental collaboration is a part of the Dolphins culture and Mozzicato ensures that he is across the goals and strategies of other departments as well as taking note of opportunities that arise where the business can benefit from collaborating. Some examples of this are

  1. He oversees the ‘voice of the fans’ survey which rates every category of the stadium experience so his team do a lot of collaborating with the marketing department, the technology and game entertainment departments, their food and beverage and retails partners and security providers. They have regular meetings that discuss their performance and how they’re ranked and to work with them to take necessary action to maintain their service delivery standards to their guests.
  2.  The Dolphins are working on the release of a new App for the stadium which Mozzicato is on the working committee. The committee includes representative form a cross-section of the organisation to ensure all departments have the chance to offer ideas and feedback.
  3. Content is king and Mozzicato knows he is in a role where he has direct access to some of the best stories – direct from the fans. His department (Guest Experience) falls under the Chief Marketing Officer and he sits a couple of doors away from the content, marketing and creative team, making it easy to provide any stories that he comes across that could be used for features or promotional material. 
  4. A strong internal relationship with the creative team is very beneficial to the Guest Experience team and Mozzicato says that the Dolphins’ creatives are ‘really cool and very supportive’ when it comes to bringing together visual representations of your ideas and pitches. 
  5. Happy fans equal happy sales teams. Mozzicato works ‘closely with the membership and sales team because we support them for example – if they get feedback from members about the stadium or their experience they’re going to come to me and my staff to figure out what we can do to resolve it or improve that experience. “We also fall under the same senior vice president(Jeremy Wells)  so we always know where they’re at in regards to retention – right now we’re close to being at 90% retention of members which is a really big deal. So we’re very excited about that”.

    Our goal is to provide our game day staff and ourselves with a great experience to help make sure our members or fans or guests are happy and then that way hopefully it correlates with the retention rate and keeps tickets selling. People come out here and have a good time hopefully the sales team can use that to their advantage and sell more tickets.’