PREDICTION: A Dolphin will be sighted in the Melbourne Cricket Ground in early July - A news story about Anthony Mozzicato

Back in 2013, the Miami Dolphins’ Wayne Partello was considered by many Sports Fan Summit delegates as being that years’ best Keynote speaker.

Following on from Wayne, Anthony Mozzicato, Director of Guest Services for the Miami Dolphins & Hard Rock Stadium will deliver the Venue Keynote at the 2017 Sports Fan Summit at the MCG in Melbourne. Anthony will bring to the conference a unique look into the world of guest services and in-stadium experiences.

Anthony has over eight years of experience in sport administration and fan experience, at Sporting Park, the Royals’ Kaufmann Stadium and now at the Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium.

At the Dolphins, Anthony’s focus is on implementing exceptional guest experience programs for the next NFL Season. When asked about using the term ‘guest’ in his role, Mozzicato believes the terms to be more representative of the people  that enter the venues as you can’t assume everyone is a fan.

“It’s part of our cultural philosophy, what we call our visitor, our patron. I like ‘guest’ because it encompasses everybody that comes to the venue whether it’s our Dolphins fans or the visiting team fans or sponsors or staff, everyone’s a guest. They may not be your fan they may not even be a fan of the sport but they are a guest in the stadium The idea is everybody who comes to our stadium is a guest and we’re looking at everybody in a way where we want to focus on their experience with our goal to turn our guests into our fans.”

Looking forward to the 2017 Sports Fan Summit, Mozzicato is excited about presenting his ideas on creating a good internal culture to encourage great results in service and guest experience.

“I look forward to representing the Dolphins organisation and sharing all the great things that we’re doing because we are a very proactive innovative company. We care about the stadium experience and our guest’s experience more than ever now.

 I’m excited to talk about all the cultural things we’re doing to be a strong company, we’ve got a lot of good things we’re doing from a culture stand point and I’m really excited to just share best practises on how to have a great guest experience.”