Wicked Tango is ready to ride the Bolt with Nitro Circus - 19 August 2015

Wicked Tango and Nitro Circus Announce Innovative Strategic Partnership Features Fully Integrated Advertising and Branding Opportunities Across NBC and NBCSN Programing, Nitro Circus Live’s Upcoming North American Tour, Social Media Channels and More Tuesday – June 23, 2015 Los Angeles, CA:

Wicked Tango, the American Dream in a glass, and Nitro Circus, the world’s greatest action sports brand, both believe in working hard but playing harder. Both are also the best in their class yet don’t take themselves too seriously, and they appeal to all Americans. Now, Wicked Tango and Nitro Circus are teaming up in a groundbreaking partnership agreement that will see both companies enter into a fully integrated sponsorship arrangement.

Nitro Circus CEO and Creative Director Michael Porra said, “We are thrilled to join forces with Wicked Tango. We think it is a really cool product that fits perfectly with us, and we know that our fans are going to love it.”

Wicked Tango CEO Larry Bross said, “When my partner, Jim White and I first created our Wicked Tango brand, we never thought another platform would have the same culture of fun, pride and quality. But when we met the Nitro Circus executives and founders, we immediately knew that this partnership would be fully aligned, not only for 2015 and 2016 but in the years beyond. We are very proud to have our Wicked brands become an integral partner with one of the best youth brands in the world. With 25 North American shows this fall, Nitro and Wicked Whiskey are coming to a town near you – look out!”

As the official whiskey of Nitro Circus, Wicked Tango will have the opportunity to incorporate its product across all Nitro Circus platforms. For example, Wicked Tango will be a part of Nitro Circus Live’s upcoming North American fall 2015 tour. Fans may even see unique Wicked Tango-themed contraptions fly from Nitro Circus’ brand new sling shot! Wicked Tango will also be organically integrated into Nitro Circus’ original content. This includes over 27 hours of televised programming on NBC and NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) in 2015 alone as part of a just-announced multi-year agreement with NBC Sports Ventures. Plus, Nitro Circus will highlight Wicked Tango across its social and digital platforms. Wicked Tango will also have access to an enviable talent roster including Travis Pastrana, Streetbike Tommy, Jolene Van Vugt and more.

As Nitro Circus makes a big entrance into the licensing arena, this innovative partnership represents a bold step forward. “A licensing and sponsorship agreement like this is a game changer,” Peter Maule, global head of licensing, said. “

We can offer partners access to all of our assets – live events, original content and talent – so that they are vested 360 degrees in Nitro Circus.” Brett Clarke, global head of business development & marketing partnerships added, “Going forward we want to collaborate in the brand development process with our partners, where both parties contribute to and are responsible for each other’s success.”

Recently named at no. 22 in Forbes magazine’s list of America’s Top 100 Most Promising Companies, Nitro Circus creates spectacular live events and original media content for thrill seeking fans worldwide, showcasing the best in extreme sports for daredevils and risk taking wannabes alike. With over two million tickets sold to date, television programming that has aired in over 60 countries, nearly six million Facebook Likes and over 100 million views of digital offerings per month, Nitro Circus is the leader in action sports and entertainment. An American Heritage company,

Wicked Tango has a culture and small batch handcrafted spirits that make every American proud! Wicked 87 and Wicked Lightning Moonshine are 100% corn base distilled in Atchison, Kansas. Both are also ridiculously good, the kind you want to say, “You gotta try this!” Wicked Tango is not just about great spirits; it’s a lifestyle, a state of mind, the American dream in a glass and an awesomely wicked time… every time! Wicked Tango has a motto, “Work hard, and play harder!” And to celebrate this collaboration with Nitro Circus, Wicked Tango introduces its latest signature cocktail: Light The Fuse. Light the Fuse 2oz. Wicked 87 3oz. Diet cola 1oz. Firebolt (table side shot) Build cocktail in rocks glass, over ice. Stir, then add Firebolt as side shot to cocktail as floater. Use Wicked Tango Firebolt on the side as a shot, upon preference for a desired amount. Check out Nitro Circus on the road this fall, follow us @WickedTango and enjoy a Wicked Tango Light The Fuse cocktail while doing so!

About Sage Beverages LLC: Sage Beverages LLC is a rapidly growing and expanding importer of beer, wines and spirits. Their award-winning portfolio includes Lucky Buddha Beer, ZIOBAFFA Wines, Bracero Tequila, Left Coast Brewery, Wicked Tango Whiskey, Tavi Tequila and Cucapa Brewery. Many of their brands have been recently heard and viewed on national syndicated radio formats, daytime television segments and both print and online publications. Based in Carlsbad, CA, Sage Beverages is an innovative, exciting company that provides quality, unique and storied brands that always have the consumer in mind.

About Nitro Circus: Nitro Circus continues to position itself as the leading youth action sports & entertainment brand on the planet. From humble beginnings, with Jeremy Rawle, Gregg Godfrey and extreme sports superstar Travis Pastrana producing DVDs from a Utah garage in 2003, to a smash TV series which has aired in over 60 countries, Nitro Circus has exploded to global popularity, leaving a burning impression on the minds of young people across the globe. Nitro Circus: The Movie, featuring cast members from the hit TV series, was released in 2012 in cinemas worldwide. In 2010, the TV show was transformed by current CEO and action sports industry guru Michael Porra into a must-see live event, creating the global touring phenomenon that is Nitro Circus Live. Since its inaugural Australian trek five years ago, the show has travelled the world, obliterating box office records and cultivating a legion of diehard fans. Nitro Circus has now rolled across five continents, blown away over two million fans and sold-out shows in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, the Middle East and South Africa. AUGUST 19, 2015 

Press Release issued by Nitro Cirrcus by 19 August, 2015.