Top10 Aussie Guinness World Record-breaking marketing events - 9 November 2012

World record: Most people wearing wigs Who: Blatchy’s Blues (State of Origin) 

At State of Origin Game 2 in 2012 Dan Blatch, founder of Blatchy’s Blues, thought he could break a record and in doing so bring attention to the game he loves so much, the team he lives for and the thousands of people that have become his loyal followers.

A sea of blue wigs (12,083 to be exact) confirmed his suspicions, and a small army of witnesses sent out to count them confirmed the record. The attempt was heavily supported by the NRL, earned respectable media coverage – particularly during the high-rating game – and spurred the Blues on to their only win of the three-game series

Article  initially published in on 9 November 2012 


9 NOVEMBER 2012