Aaron LeValley Blog - 3 Key Lessons for Every Digital Marketer - 6 April 2015

Point 1: Build the Case and Prove it With Quick Wins.

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”
 Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP.

Obtaining buy-in for a Digital Marketing platform can be difficult within any type of company. From the C-level, when costs seem to outweigh benefits, a loss of motivation can be had, but that’s why you have to make your platforms work for you in your business. Start with building up your case, such as highlighting benefits of the platform in a showcase, as well as potential ancillary cost savings through operational efficiencies. After that trust is established, and you have obtained your buy-in, you have to showcase your quick wins. Size doesn’t matter – just prove your platform works and keep moving ahead. Letting your motivation drive you towards that first success will build on itself faster than just waiting for that perfect, huge win.

Point 2: Better Experiences via Connections Between Customers and Service Sales Executives

“What is clear is that users own their data and should have control of how their data is used.” Marissa Mayer, President and CEO Yahoo.

Once you’ve completed step one you have information to better understand your customers. This will take personalizing your data to another level, leveraging information to improve your customer relationship by establishing a genuine connection. Customer service emails launched from a generic account may make someone confused as to whom to contact – or even worse, they might not care enough to contact you at all. Instead, create a direct connection with your customer and customer support team. Our best customers know who they should call with any questions, what they look like, and even some of the service executives’ favorite things. This immediately creates a connection between the customer and our team. The customer also has choices on how to reach their service executive – from classic emails, to phone, to in-person meetings at our events. Look to your marketing to see what will work best for your company. Using your digital marketing platform allows you to provide a seamless and personal way for you to connect with your customer.

Point 3: Power of Lead Nurturing – Utilizing Technology to Extend the Sale Cycle

“Analytics is a cultural investment as much as a financial investment.” Paul Neilson, Senior Business Manager, Prozone Sports.

Generating revenue comes from understanding your customers’ specific needs. To do that, one of the most effective things is simply extending the sales cycle. Initial communication with a customer is a great educational tool, but it may not be the right time for them to purchase. Following your first connection with the customer, use your analytical tools to identify the product(s) they may be interested in and leverage that information in future communications. Extend your potential sales cycle from a singular communication to multiple communications across multiple channels, with the goal of reaching them at the time they are ready to buy. Not only will your customers feel respected by not forcing an immediate purchase decision, but also trust will be gained through future communication when information delivered is more relevant to them. Finally, don’t give up on the customer right away, if you don’t get a response from a given offer. You can leverage the analytics you obtain from them into future communications and by doing these steps, you may reach that same customer at a time that is right for them and drive additional revenue for your company through that knowledge.

These are a few ideas things that have made a huge improvement in how I approach analytics. 

Article published in https://blogs.adobe.com on 6