Accenture and the Golden State Warriors foster the fan experience with Fannovate

The future Hall Chase Center will have the agreement of both organizations long-term focus on technological innovation and the 'Fannovate' program, which aims to interact with fans and the general public a unique and differential manner.

The agreement between the Golden State Warriors, GSW Arena LLC and Accenture aims to reinvent the experience of the fans and the community in the future stadium Chase Center and its surroundings; a relationship that started on the same line at the Oracle Arena, current stage of NBA team.

Accenture has become with this agreement the official partner in technological innovation of the Warriors and founding partner of Chase Center, a modern sports and entertainment complex to be built in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco and the opening is planned for the start of the 2019-20 NBA season.

Under the agreement, Accenture will work with the Warriors in the design and implementation of an immersive experience that is attractive for those attending the stadium, fans of the team and the tenants of the complex and surrounding areas, including restaurants, shops are, offices and shopping centers.

The company will also work closely with the Warriors in the definition and creation of the technical architecture and assembly of the entire ecosystem of partners required to create this new experience of the Chase Center, and both organizations will design prototypes and test solutions at the Oracle Arena then they can be applied in the new pavilion.

Para Rick Welts, presidente y COO de los Golden State Warriors, “el descubrimiento y la adquisición de talento, tanto dentro como fuera de la cancha, es clave para ganar en la NBA. Accenture tiene el talento, la experiencia y el expertise para diseñar e implementar experiencias innovadoras que resulten atractivas para todos y a la vez definir un nuevo estándar para instalaciones deportivas y de entretenimiento que pongan el foco en la comunidad”.

To design the new Chase Center, the Warriors and Accenture will establish a direct communication with the fans and the community in the area to define future experience through the 'Fannovate' program, through which gather suggestions and ideas and select the most promising to develop and subsequently be part of the experience Chase Center.

Julie Sweet, group chief executive of Accenture North America, said "we will work closely with the Warriors, as well as participants and facilitate Fannovate to define a set of unique experiences."

To this end, the company will provide both entertainment experience high-tech, such as planning services Fjord, along with innovation and design unit of Accenture Interactive, and mobility and analytics Accenture Digital.

This partnership also will boost Accenture Lab in San Jose and Accenture Liquid Studio in Redwood City, collaborating with both emerging companies and major ecosystem of Silicon Valley to invent, develop and deliver solutions that help customers like the Warriors to attract your audience in innovative ways.

"We want to help make the Golden State Warriors delight viewers, fans and tenants through connected experiences -apunta Mike Sutcliff, group chief executive of Accenture Digital- To achieve this we will use all technology and digital capabilities we have, from extraction and data analysis to design experiences from an outside-in perspective, through the use of both emerging and established technologies, in order to allow interaction with people when and where it really matters. "

Based on the commitment of both organizations to the community, the Warriors and Accenture are developing since the beginning of the season joint programs in the Mission Bay focused on homeless and preparation for professional development.