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NHL’s LA Kings and MLS’ LA Galaxy shoot to score with fans - 9 March 2016

The LA Kings and LA Galaxy certainly know about success on the ice and on the pitch. The two-time Stanley Cup winners and five-time MLS Cup Champions are now looking to software from analytics leader SAS to deliver a win in the stands or at home, giving each of their loyal fans more of what they want. Championships are only part of what draws supporters to AEG Sports. The company also owns and operates premier stadiums and high-profile event venues all over the world. For example, the Staples C...
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Aaron LeValley Blog - 3 Key Lessons for Every Digital Marketer - 6 April 2015

Point 1: Build the Case and Prove it With Quick Wins. “The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.”
 Carly Fiorina, Former CEO of HP. Obtaining buy-in for a Digital Marketing platform can be difficult within any type of company. From the C-level, when costs seem to outweigh benefits, a loss of motivation can be had, but that’s why you have to make your platforms work for you in your business. Start with building up your case, such as highlighting benefits o...
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Connecting fans to their favorite teams - Hitting the goal on cross-channel campaigns - 12 December 2014

AEG Sports keeps fans engaged with Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics in Adobe Marketing Cloud. The company sends personalized content across channels to fans of its teams, including the reigning Stanley Cup champions L.A. Kings and four-time Major League Soccer Cup winners L.A. Galaxy. Published in on 12 December 2014. Author is Mark Boothe 
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The Kings, Stanley Cup & CRM - 20 June 2014

I am a huge New York Rangers hockey fan, so it pained me to watch the L.A. Kings beat up on the Blueshirts to win the NHL’s coveted Stanley Cup. I have to dislike the Kings to some extent based on that fact alone, but I also can’t just dismiss the team’s accomplishments in the past few years, both on and off the ice. On the ice, the Kings did away with the Rangers in five games to take their second NHL title in three years. Not a small feat by any means. Off the ice, the Kings have a great ...
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How the LA Kings build their brand through Trash-Tweeting - 18 March 2014

Professional sports franchises typically play it safe when engaging on social media. On Twitter, the formula is simple: Update games, post quotations from player interviews, and offer the occasional behind-the-scenes photo or video. Nothing controversial or edgy. Just lather, rinse, tweet, repeat (and retweet). But for a few brave teams breaking the corporate-speak mold, Twitter has emerged as a lively playing field for generating awareness and measurable social payoffs. In America, the Los An...
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Los Angeles: Kings of the NHL Twitter World - 19 December 2013

Depending on who you ask, Montreal or Toronto and perhaps even New York City may be the centre of the hockey universe. As for the sports' "Twitterverse", all signs point directly to Los Angeles. While most sports teams use their Twitter accounts for standard purposes such as providing injury updates and links to interviews, the L.A. Kings Twitter account does exactly that - while also pushing the envelope and having a little fun in the process. "For us it all starts with a philosophy built aro...
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